• Useful Tips Before Choosing the Ideal Computer Repair Shop

     As a computer owner and user, you must have now and then experienced problems with either its hardware or software component. There are many common issues you have been able to troubleshoot and solve at home or workplace, but complex issues such as persistent boot failure require the attention of a person with in-depth knowledge in computer repairs. Attempting to solve such problem issues by yourself may further damage your computer or render it completely unusable. [Read More]

  • Tired of Replacing Cables? Use These Tips to Boost the Lifespan of Your Cables

    If you run a busy office where most of your employees spend all day on their computers or laptops, you likely have a range of cables running through the office, keeping everyone and everything connected. Investing in data cables isn't free, and to make the most of your investment, you should focus on ways to improve the lifespan of your cables. Here are some tips to help you. 1. Start With Quality Cabling [Read More]

  • CPU Heatsinks: A Quick Guide to Their Purpose, Importance, and Repair

    Most people know that computers contain fans to help cool down the central processing unit (CPU). However, not everyone knows that the fan is only one part of the cooling system. Perhaps even more important is the heatsink, and any problems with the heatsink can seriously damage your computer. What is a Heatsink? Essentially, a heatsink is a thermal conductor. When your CPU is working, it creates heat. The heatsink is made of a very conductive metal, usually copper or aluminium, which draws away some of that heat. [Read More]